Research teams in Berkeley Lab’s Physics Division had leading roles in collaborations that have been awarded two of the European Physical Society’s (EPS) 2023 High Energy Particle Physics Prizes.

The Daya Bay collaboration is one of the award winners of the High Energy and Particle Physics Prize for their observation of short-baseline reactor electron-antineutrino disappearance, which provides the first determination of the neutrino mixing angle theta_13 and paves the way for the detection of CP violation in the lepton sector.

The BOSS/eBOSS collaborations have been awarded the Giuseppe and Vanna Cocconi Prize “for their outstanding contributions to observational cosmology, including the development of the baryon acoustic oscillation measurement into a prime cosmological tool, using it to robustly probe the history of the expansion rate of the Universe back to 1/5th of its age providing crucial information on dark energy, the Hubble constant, and neutrino masses.”

EPS banner logoRecipients will be honored at the EPS Conference on High Energy Physics in Hamburg in August 2023.