This article from ATAP News highlights the work of Ian Pong and Andy Lin (pictured above, right to left, photo: Marilyn Sargent) and the fabrication of niobium-tin cables for the superconducting magnets being installed as part of the High-Luminosity Large Hadron Collider Upgrade Project.

Particle accelerators and colliders have played a crucial role in advancing scientific research. They have led to significant discoveries in particle and high-energy physics, material science, medicine, and many other fields. They are also an enabling technology for new research areas like fusion. Superconducting magnets are essential components of many modern accelerators; they shape and direct the particle beams and determine the energy reach of the accelerator. These magnets are fabricated using coils made from superconducting wires that convey electrical currents with virtually no resistance.

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Niobium-Tin Superconductors: Fabrication and Applications
August 23, 2023 / Carl A. Williams / ATAP News