In this invited article published in Nature Reviews Physics, Christian Bauer – a senior scientist who currently leads the Theory Group in Berkeley Lab’s Physics Division – and colleagues provide a review of the field of quantum simulation as applied to the standard model of particle physics.

Quantum simulations of fundamental particles and forces in nature are currently becoming even more crucial for an understanding of the key static and dynamic properties of matter. Here, the authors discuss the motivations and techniques for creating simulations of quantum fields, and outline the challenges and opportunities for potential progress in the context of nuclear and high-energy physics.

According to Bauer, “Quantum computing is rapidly advancing from a visionary concept to an experimental reality, and being able to explain the basic ideas to a general audience is a great privilege. It was a wonderful experience working with my colleagues on this review article.”

Quantum simulation of fundamental particles and forces
June 21, 2023 / Christian Bauer et al / Nature Reviews Physics