The Physical Sciences Area Strategic Plan lays out a five to ten year framework in which each of our four divisions will address its most compelling science questions.

These are exciting times in particle physics and cosmology, nuclear science, accelerator technology and applied physics, and the advanced engineering that makes it all possible. Our Area is fortunate to have some of the best researchers and engineers in the world, working with the collaborative, cross-disciplinary approach that has been a hallmark of this laboratory since it was founded.

I recommend this document to anyone interested in these fields who would like a high-level overview of our plans and achievements. It shows how our activities fit into the big picture of science, and the ways they are aligned with national needs, agency priorities, and the guidance of our peers. Click below to download it in PDF, and please feel encouraged to explore this site to learn more about what we do.

Natalie Roe picture.

Natalie Roe
Associate Laboratory Director for Physical Sciences

View with clouds from hills over Berkeley towards San Francisco Bay Area.