Toki Suzuki, Kelly Hanzel, Rebecca Carney -4webCMB-S4 Project Director Jim Strait recently announced Level-2 and Level-3 management team changes for the detectors team.  

Aritoki Suzuki – staff scientist in Berkeley Lab’s Physics Division since 2017– will become the Level-2 Scientist for the CMB-S4 detector subsystem. Suzuki brings a wealth of technical knowledge to CMB detector design, fabrication, and testing, and he has previously worked on detector arrays for POLARBEAR-2, the Simons Array, SPT-3G, LiteBIRD, CMB-S4, and other experiments. He also has experience with readout electronics and currently serves as Level-2 Manager of the antenna modules for the LuSEE-Night project.  

Kelly Hanzel will become the Level-2 Control Account Manager (CAM) for the CMB-S4 detector subsystem. Hanzel has worked at Berkeley Lab as a QA/manufacturing engineer and project manager since 2011, cultivating expertise with several DOE projects including LCLS-II, ALS-U, and LCLS-II HE She also served as the deputy project manager and then project manager to successfully guide the LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) project (a dark matter detector now operating deep underground in South Dakota) from pre-CD-2 through completion at CD-4.

Rebecca Carney will become the Level-3 Manager for the LBNL-SEEQC segment of CMB-S4’s detector subsystem. Currently a staff engineer in the Electronics, Software, and Instrumentation Engineering (ESIE) Department of Berkeley Lab’s Engineering Division, Carney did her PhD with the ATLAS experiment searching for long-lived particles and developing radiation hard pixel detectors for the HL-LHC. As a postdoc on the LEGEND experiment, she designed a monitoring and control system for the Ge-readout electronics and fabricated over 150 high-radiopurity front-ends in the Nuclear Science Division’s Semiconductor Detector Lab, which form the first link in the detector readout chain for LEGEND-200.

CMB-S4 is pleased to welcome this new leadership team. Suzuki, Hanzel, and Carney will assume their new roles starting in mid-September 2023.