Berkeley Lab’s Nuclear Science Division hosted a launch event for the U.S. 2023 Long Range Plan for Nuclear Science on Friday, October 6, one of over 20 simultaneous events held across the country at various Nuclear Science Advisory Committee (NSAC) participating organizations. 

Entitled A New Era of Discovery, the plan details progress since the last long-range plan and highlights the scientific opportunities offered by current nuclear physics research that will enable the U.S. to maintain world leadership in this area. The plan outlines this trajectory within the context of four different budget scenarios, describes the impact of nuclear science on other fields, and proposes various applications of the research that benefit society.

The Nuclear Science Division (NSD) carries out experimental and theoretical research across a broad range of nuclear science covered by the Long Range Plan. From advancing discovery science on the nature of the quarks and gluons (that make up protons and neutrons) to exploring the limits of the existence of atomic nuclei, and from searches for new physics in rare processes to applications of nuclear physics to societal benefit, the recommendations of the Long Range Plan resonate strongly with the Nuclear Science Division’s current research portfolio and strategy.

2023-1006 - NSAC LRP Rollout Event - Reiner Kruecken - cropped - 1000w 4web - Thor SwiftAccording to Reiner Kruecken, director of the Nuclear Science Division, “We fully support and welcome the compelling vision and priorities laid out in the Long Range Plan, with its strong emphasis on increased support for research and the nuclear science workforce, as well as the development of key construction projects. NSD along with the Engineering Division will play important roles in projects such as the international campaign in search of neutrinoless double beta decay and the Electron Ion Collider, the latter together with the Accelerator Technology & Applied Physics (ATAP) Division.” 

2023-1006 - NSAC LRP Rollout Event - Group Photo - cropped - 1000w - 4web - Thor Swift

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